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Sometimes there’s no way around telling an entire story to highlight a fundamental difference that wouldn’t become clear otherwise. Making up characters comes easy to me because the characters introduce themselves and I decide whether their intensity is interesting enough for me to follow them. They often appear in the background of my own reality and comment on what’s happening. And then comes a time when the character has to be convincing or authentic and comprehensible. That’s when the real work begins. 

Since my teenage years, I’ve been writing texts and collecting the ones that I like. Before then, I simply told my stories. My vision then was: When I’m old, around 40 or so, I will be a book author. I saw myself sitting at a lake and typing away on my grandfather’s Olympia typewriter. I would accept the holes by the O and the slipped up H, although they both annoyed me.

I definitely did not want to be dependent on my creativity because I was afraid to not be able to withstand the pressure. When I had just turned 40, I was asked to write a non-fiction book. Writing on popular demand was never a part of my plan. But I thought: take the opportunity and see what happens and so I accepted the challenge.

This is in line with my idea that life always strives to fulfill my wishes. Maybe not always the way I imagine it but if I pay close enough attention, I won’t miss a thing. It didn’t end with this non-fiction book and I began to publish texts more frequently. 

Throughout the years I realized that it’s not worth it to me, to limit my creativity to when the time comes. I understand that writing is simply a part of my identity. For decades I have owned notebooks in which I write my thoughts and ideas, a few lines every day, sometimes more. My first novel was published in 2018.

Mostly, my characters are fictional, completely made up. But still, any occasion can serve as an inspiration to turn into a narrative.

I invite you to have a look at messages from the Writer’s Workshop to get involved and watch my characters grow.

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