Seminars & Lectures

Seminars and Lectures

A large part of my work consists of seminars and courses with different emphases. For further information on content, dates and registration modalities, please refer to the websites of the respective institutes.


Germany, Switzerland, Austria

  • Chronic Disease
    • The three immune systems, nitrosative stress and epigenetic, hormone mimics
  • Human beings as connected systems
  • Vital field workshop
  • GD-Workshop
  • Lectures during vital field congresses
  • Digisoft training
  • The human being as a fluid system (developed by Mechthild Rex-Najuch) All knowledge and experience are combined here to form a new, different approach to human diagnostics and therapy and are taught in such a way that they can be applied immediately in practice.

    • basics
    • deepening knowledge
    • nervous system and embryology
    • jaw and cranial nerves


    • Vitaline
      • Introductory Course (composition and effects of the products)
      • Workshop (in-depth work, topic-related)  

    Milne-Institute Hamburg

    • Craniosacral Osteopathy


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