MAONO – The other side

MAONO – Vision

For a long time, I was looking for a word that could describe my other side. With ‘Maono’, a word that means ‘Vision’ in Suaheli, I succeeded. This word seems fitting on various levels and describes my other side very well. There’s one side that my patients already know and that has its place here. Then there is another side that exceeds my medical practice and shows my creativity. 

I have watched and learned from many healers around the world. One part of this path was a shamanic education that really impacted me. There’s also this part of me that I like to describe with the word ‘visionary’. Visionary because I search for and follow new paths, not differentiating between scientifically based-, holistic-, intuitive- or creative work. 

I always see processes in front of my inner eye – whether I’m preparing for a speaking engagement or creating a new character for my stories. Imaginative pictures and dreams are a normal part of my reality. Intuitive work is based on the natural ability to effortlessly move between these levels, while always being fully aware of where you are.

Ultimately, it’s about exploring life visions – those of my clients and my own. I assume that my own experiences help my clients. I always followed my own visions, no matter how challenging they were. In the end, it’s about authenticity on all levels. 


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